K-BOX 50 HoC 50 hours of Computer Programming!

50 hours of children computer programming training, from ages 6 to 18! Including mathematics, mobile app development, electronics and robotics, and web development! Let your child experience modern age possibilities in 50 hours! Get your lifetime STARTER KIT and kickoff your adventure!

- 50 hours of computer programming training!

- Raspberry Pi 2 Kit + more than 10 hours of training!

- Arduino Kit + more than 10 hours of training!

- Samsung Grand Neo +10 hours of training!

- T-Shirt, Bag, Mug and more!

- Samsung Grand Neo +10 hours of training!

Choose Your Box!

K-BOX 50 HoC

  • 50 hours of personal & online training
    • Python, Code&Math, Mobile App Development, Electronics, Game Programming, and Web Development
  • 200 programming and mathematical questions (IGCSE)
  • Lifetime Starter Kit
    • Arduino Board + 50 Electronic Components
    • Raspberry Pi 2 + Wifi Adapter + Case
    • Samsung Grand Neo Smart Phone
  • Free Gifts
    • KidoCode Tshirt
    • Bag, Mug, and Notebook
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* We provide 3 Hours free session before you make the purchase!

What you will find in your Box?

1 Training Components 50 hours of online & personal training!

50 Hours of Online Training Voucher

This box contains a voucher for Introductory Course for children from ages 6 to 18 which is equal to 50 Hours of interactive and online training. These materials are divided into dozens of "Activities" and each activity contains many steps and practices based on students age and ability. 50 HoC is designed to prove a unique experience to 5 major domains in IT and today's technological world. Students at the end of this course will be able to choose their specializations based on our learning path.

  • Python Programming Language flavoured with IGCSE Syllabuses
  • Answer more than 500 programming questions focusing on Mathematics, Biology, Economics, and many more!
  • Mobile App Development
  • Electronics using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Web Development using Cloud9
  • Game Programming
  • Information Security

*To be consumed in Solaris HQ
*Homeworks and other activities will also be given

50 Hours of Personal Training Access

We built a team of trainers composed of expert software developers, university lecturers, and PhD students to provide one-to-one training for all students. KidoCode HQ is well designed using modern technologies like interactive projector, robotic drones, Google glasses and many more. Here we also teach them how to talk in scientific conferences and shows to boost their confidence in front of the crowd. Every month we run a Science Show and we ask our students to prepare and present in front of the parents, developers, and university lecturers. We are not only teaching but we build a scientist personality in our children.

  • One-to-one trainer to student ratio for all 50 hours of lessons and homeworks
  • Scientific Q&A and practices for kids and teenagers
  • Review famous ACM mathematical questions
  • Prepare students for Google Summer camps and competitions
  • STS (Student-Train-Student) - Students will have the chance to be KidoCode Junior Trainers by teaching other students of what they have learned
  • Special treats for incredibly smart and typically active children
  • Many more activities...

50 Hours of Code at your Home

We are also focusing on incredibly smart student or typically active kids. We designed a set of different methodologies and customized material based on the students' abilities. We designed it in such a way that one of our high skilled trainers will be available to come and teach at your home! Also, for smart and passionate students, we have openned up our Special Problem Set focusing on Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Astronomy, and more to boost up their programming ability. In this way, they will solve up to more than 200 questions and challenges and enhance their logical and analytical thinking skills.

  • Private tutoring services at your home
  • Up to 200 challenging questions and practices
  • Specially-designed methodoligies for incredibly smart and typically active kids
  • Overview of required graphical tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more
  • Other activities that will engage and boost the interest of each kid

2 Lab Kit Galaxy Phone, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more than 50 Electronics component

Arduino Kit + 15 Hours of Training

Including one Arduino board, breadboard, jumper cables, dozens of LEDs, which are well suited for electronics project included in 15 hour of training to create 3 to 10 electronics projects.

  • 15 Hours of Training
  • Breadboard
  • 12 LEDs
  • Light, Ultrasonic, and Temp sensors
  • Jumper cables
  • DC motor and more

Using this kit, students will learn to manage 3 to 10 different projects which are based on their personal learning speed. Basics of electronics, working with LEDs and jumper cables, Push Button, resistor, capacitor, transistor, DC motor and dozens of sensors are part of the activities and challenges for students!

Raspberry Pi + 15 Hours of Training

A credit card-sized computer with 1.0MHz CPU! We use this for our electronics projects as well as teaching Python Programming Language! This box includes 15 hours training plus 3 to 6 projects.

  • 15 Hours of Training
  • 16GB SD Card + Installed OS
  • Official Case
  • Installed KStudio + Minecraft
  • And many more

We will use Raspberry Pi to teach Python programming language. This portable, small computer can be connected to home TV where students can manage their practices.

Samsung Galaxy Grand + 15 Hours of Training

One Samsung Galaxy Grand for our Mobile App Development! This smart phone is well tuned and modified with an educational goal to increase the children's creativity. This kit comes with 15 Hours of training and developing of 3 to 6 cool mobile apps.

  • 1 Smart Phone
  • Data Adapter Cable
  • MIT App Inventor
  • Leather Bag
  • Modified OS for Educational Usage

Using MIT App Inventor, a brilliant environment to teach students mobile app development, we will develop 3 to 6 mobile apps! This is a great chance for the children to see the possibility of development in the smart phone industry.

Creating a mobile app is not a rocket science! Remember Flappy bird was created by a 16 years old Vietnamese boy! Let us see who will be the next...

3 Gadgets Mug, T-Shirt, Scientist Poster, and a lot more!

Free Gifts

We are a team! We are programmers! And of course, we wear the same t-shirt and have the same mug! :) So every student will have following items in his/her box which are customized based on their favourite color.

  • KidoCode Bag + Stationaries
  • KidoCode Button Badge + Sticker

Did you know that for more than 5 years, computer programming
turned into a compulsory course at primary schools in many countries?

A New Literacy

“Coding is the new literacy. To think in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create, and express themselves with digital technologies.”

Mitchel Rosnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor at MIT Media Lab



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