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The concept of distance education has been around from as early as the 18th century, but given the logistics, it was never possible for students to get the complete learning experience without being present at a certain location that may be far too out of reach. This goes without saying that technology has changed the face of education completely. All sorts of information is available through MOOC courses or a simple google search. Thousands of online videos and lectures can be provided for students living miles away. However, the lack of a physical learning space and a social community is often a deal breaker for people considering distance learning.

At Kidocode, our team of exceptional problem solvers have taken all these restraints into consideration and designed Kidocode's structure in a way where we provide online education as well as a physical location with ease for people coming from far off locations within Malaysia and even overseas. Our courses progress completely on the pace of an individual student, so we provide classes and content that never expires! Students at Kidocode come in any day and any time they want, resume learning where they left off and take as much time as they want to learn. There's no restriction of class timings and scheduling as we are open from 10 AM - 6 PM everyday, even on weekends and public holidays! And education doesn't stop beyond our doorstep as we provide home access for our content as well, for students to practice and continue learning even when they are at home without any deduction from the hours purchased!

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Home Access

Learning should continue beyond the boundaries of an education centre. Kidocode provides home access for our students to learn and practice their coding skills even at home! more

Flexible Scheduling

At Kidocode, we provide flexible-scheduling, which allows our students to come in anytime, any day for classes as we are open from 10 AM to 6 PM everyday, even during public holidays! So you can learn anytime you want!

No Expiry

Kidocode is nothing like any place you've ever been to! Here, you have lifetime access to education as there is no time expiry on the courses/hours you buy! It's like a gym membership that never expires!

Distance Learning

Kidocode has made distance learning a reality, with features like home access and flexible scheduling, distance is no longer an issue for students with a true passion for knowledge! more

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Our goal is to be solution oriented and fix all the barriers to education that students have faced in the past. We make use of today's technology and equip our students with the same knowledge we apply to make them solution providers in the near future.

With all the Kidocode solutions to make education limitless and without boundaries, we hope that distance no longer remains a concern for parents who want their kids to learn the vital tools of coding and computational thinking. Over the past few years we have thousands of parents register with us regardless of where they live, within or outside of Malaysia. Some parents manage to send their kids every day or every weekend, while others only come in during summer or winter breaks, and we've achieved this because of our flexible scheduling. There's one firm belief we have here at Kidocode that education should be free-flowing and limitless. So don't let a small factor like distance become a barrier for your child's education. With technology, we make anything possible!