JavaScript is a high level scripting or programming language, that is undeniably the technology behind all the dynamic websites on the internet. It is used to implement complex features on web-based pages and games. Anything on a website that's not just static display is possible because of Javascript.

JavaScript enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate 2D/3D graphics, and so much more. If you're using an interactive and responsive website, it is very likely that JavaScript is involved. It is truly amazing what a few lines of code can help us achieve.

A website is basically made up of three main coding languages, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Imagine a website as a three layer cake, where HTML is the first layer and is the markup language that is used to structure and give meaning to the content on the website. HTML is used to define paragraphs, headings, and data tables, or to embed images and videos on the webpage. CSS is the second layer of the website and it is the language used to create different styles of website content. It can be used to apply styling to our HTML content, like setting background colors and fonts. The third and final layer is JavaScript, that comes after HTML and CSS is done, and the content and visual design of the website has been created. Javascript enables website interactivity, and makes the webpage dynamic. It is primarily used for object-oriented programming on the website.

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Computational Thinking

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Programming at Early Ages

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Learn Math with Coding (IGCSE & Python)

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A website can be fully functional even if only HTML and CSS are used, but a website like that is static, and any response from the page is only received after filling up forms, and waiting for a reply from the main server. A dynamic website will generate more traffic because of its accessibility as compared to a static website. JavaScript adds behavior to the web page, making it capable of responding to requests from users without needing to load a new webpage in order to process a request.

Javascript is an extremely important tool for modern websites, it can be used to create all types of websites and even web based games. Together with HTML and CSS, they form the three pillars of front-end web development, that shape the world wide web as we know it.