web hosting

web hosting is a service provided by companies that allow individuals and organizations to post a website onto the Internet. A business that provides the technology and service needed for the website. The websites are stored on the business's servers and there's a limited amount of storage that individuals can buy, over a certain period of time.

Businesses like Squarespace provide hosting, storage and templates for the websites that you would want to post and can cost up $70 per year. The hosting costs depend on the domain's TLD eg; .uk might be more expensive to buy than a .com or .net

Other websites like GoDaddy, and BlueHost can provide hosting for a little less with prices froing from $15 to 20 a year. But there are no pre-existing templates available and users only receive limited storage.

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Computational Thinking

According to renowned computer scientist, Jeannette M. Wing, computational thinking skill is the most in-demand skill in the age of information. Computational thinking allows us to problem-solve and think like a computer scientist. more

Programming at Early Ages

Educators agree that the best age to learn a skill like math or language is ages 5 - 11 years old. Similarly, children need to start learning coding at an early age to build a deeper foundation for their future. more

MIT App Inventor

MIT professor Hal Abelson took the initiative to build a platform to to make app development easy and accessible for people who were non-programmers, even kids. more


Python is one of the most popular programming language in the world right now which has helped create platforms like Facebook and Youtube! And surprisingly it is so simple that kids aged 5 years old can understand it. more

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so for beginners to web development, web hosting can be a bit tricky and pricey at first, this is why Kidocode provides a solution for it's students for their websites. We call this initiative "Kidohost" where our students receive free hosting for their websites and can enjoy upto 5 GB of free storage to make web development convenient for them. We host their websites on our own domain and their url would look something like this: "tom.kidocode.com".

This allows our students to experiment with website development without incurring any costs and they get to create an online portfolio for themselves and their interests.