Computer Programming and Math School
For Children Ages 6 to 18

Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome to our 3 hours Free Session

3 hours of Computer Programming and Math

Within 3 hours your child will be able to develop his or her own first Mobile App!

Online system for less teacher education system

Hour of Code

A global movement reaching tens of millions of students around the world. It is now in Malaysia! Every student should at least have 1 HoC per week. more

Individual Learning Path

Learning Path

Get a comprehensive learning path and be ready to dive into the IT world. more

Remote Access to Student PC

KidoCode Certificate

All participants will receive a coding certificate for attending the Hour of Code. more

An online student portal designed for our children and students to learn computer programming with minimal supervision from trainers. By following our instructional videos, students will have to finish a set of tasks with the assistance from trainer and junior instructors. This student portal will also record the progress of the student wherein their own Learning Path will be based.
Each student has their own pace in learning the course. Some students are fast, some needs to put more focus on certain topics. In typical classroom set-up, all students learn one topic at the same time regardless of the student’s ability to understand the discussion. In KidoCode, we design and create their own learning path depending on the progress they are making.
We provide remote access to our student computer, we observe, record and follow up their progress. Whenever they have any question remotely regardless of location we will be able to answer their question and help them. Parents they can have access to video stream of their children activities on their phone or tablet as well.
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