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Semester One :: Foundation Level

Every journey has a beginning!

Foundation Level is designed to provide an Introductory Course for children from ages 6 to 18. These materials are divided into dozens of "Activities" and each activity contains many steps and practices based on students age and ability. 50 HoC is designed to prove a unique experience to 5 major domains in IT and today's technological world. Students at the end of this course will be able to choose their specializations based on our learning path.


K-BOX 50 HoC!

50 hours compulsory course to warm up the students' minds and make them familiar with major aspects of the IT World.
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Intro to Math

Great journey in Discrete Math which is required for every programmer before jumping into the second semester for specialization.
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Tech Talk!

How to talk? How to present? How to impress audience? We will prepare our students to be well speakers and presenters!
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Semester Two :: Specialization Level

Time to be an Expert!

In this level, basing on the Foundation Level and KPortal progress report of the student, he/she can now choose his/her specialization and continue the journey into the center of IT! Students will have different learning paths basing on the selected specialization course. Click on specializations below to see corresponding relevant path!


Web Dev

Become a full stack web developer! Design and build different web applications! Create the next Facebook and learn about the online world!


Mobile Dev

Using MIT App Inventor, build more than 30 mobile apps and learn Java to build real-life Android apps! In this specialization, you will be a Mobile App Developer.


Elec & Robotic

With 70 projects, be familiar with the basics of Electronics, play with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, program your drone, build smart house, and learn computer programming.


Game Dev

Learn Python and work on PyGame to build pythonic games! Build iPhone and Android games using GameSalad. Finally, boost up yourself into 3D game engines such as Unity3D.

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More than 100 hours of online & personal training!

One of the best specialization for your future career! In this branch you will learn how to build industrial websites and web application. At the end of this specialization you are ready to be part of almost any type web application project. Become a full stack web developer by learning different technologies from client side (HTML/CSS/Javascript) till back end programming such as Python, Ruby, and NodeJS. Also you will learn database programming using the best NoSQL engine called MongoDB. In this journey we will facilitate you with Cloud Computing to publish your apps into the online world!
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JuniorMin 50 HoC

Starts from basics HTML, then shape your pages using CSS. Get familiar with Javascript the king of web development! Overview the architecture of web applications using Python as the server side language! Authentication & Authorization, Profile system, database, user management and more! At the end of this level you are ready to build simple web applications flavoured with database programming

SeniorMin 60 HoC

At this level we go deeper into the world of web development by talking about concepts such as Scalability, Two ways communication using WebSocket, local storage, blueprints, and many other advanced topics. We also get you familiar with Git and GitHub systems as well as working with Linux based OS. At the end of this level, officially you are able create any kind of advanced web application like a social network!

GeekMin 30 HoC

Are you a Geek? Or you think you can be? So here at this level we will go through of more than 10 real life web applications to crack their secret and learn new things. In this level you will choose your own idea and will build your app from A to Z. This level has many advanced challenges such as multi-threaded and asyn servers, cryptography, session managements and. At the end of this level you are officially a Geek.

JuniorMin 80 HoC

We will overview more than e0 apps at this level using MIT APP inventor! Within this path you will get familiar with many concepts on Android OS as well as many components available for programming. You will also learn creating client/server application to build your own WhatsApp messenger. At the end of this level you can build your own idea using MIT App inventor.

SeniorMin 70 HoC

You will learn Java the solid language for Android phones by reviewing of all conducted 20 apps in your Junior level, but this time using Android SDK and Java programming language. You will use local database as well as communicating with server through web api. At then end of this level you have learned Java and build more than 20 apps using Java and real platform

GeekMin 100 HoC

Are you a geek? Do you have any nice idea to change the world? Here we will go through of 10 very advanced mobile apps. You will study every single one of them! You will get familiar with serve side programming for your app. At the end of this level you have created multiple real life apps as well as your own idea. Let's create an awesome mobile app and change the world

Junior Min 40 HoC

At this level within 30 projects you will be briefed with basic of electronics, digital circuit, electrical components such as resistant, capacitors, diodes, and more! After that you will learn basic of C programming language king of speed in computer programming! You will get familiar with different sensors to see how you can touch real world! At the end of this level you will be able to wrap up different digital circuit, program them using Arduino and Raspberry pi.

SeniorMin 100 HoC

more than 20 advanced projects such as digital locks, smart house, SMS Air-Con controller, Cloud security system and more! You will learn more about C language you will touch dozens of new sensors, work with Zigbee to touch wireless connection, make SMS hub machine, and more! At the end of this level you are able to connect your real world into your own imagination to build a better digital world!

GeekMin 50 HoC

Finally It's time to start your journey playing with drones, robocars and many other robotic projects using raspberry pi and Arduino! Use your mobile app experiences and build mobile apps can control your electronics projects! Control your drone using your phone! You will get familiar with low level part of computer processor, memory and more! At the end of this level you will be a geek in electronics and robotic!

Junior Min 40 HoC

Our Introductory Course which is equal to 50 Hours of interactive and online training. These materials are divided into dozens of "Activities" and each activity contains many steps and practices. 50 HoC is designed to prove a unique experience to 5 major domains in IT and today's technological world.

SeniorMin 100 HoC

Nowadays, the quantity of mobile phones is more than the human! As a game developer, you must be well prepared for mobile audiences. In this level, you will get familiar with strong game engine for smart phones such as iPhone and Android phones called GameSalad. Designed to be simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for mobile game studios. Our GameSalad online courses are the exciting way to try 2D game design and node-based programming.

GeekMin 50 HoC

It’s time to experience the world of 3D game programming! We have used one powerful engine called Unity3D to equip you with the best knowledge. The Unity game engine is extremely powerful, and easy to use to create eye-popping game environments. But before you can create the next masterpiece, you need to learn how to navigate and build some key objects. Once you master the fundamentals in this course, you are ready to create amazing environments.

Did you know that for more than 5 years, computer programming
turned into a compulsory course at primary schools in many countries?

A New Literacy

“Coding is the new literacy. To think in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create, and express themselves with digital technologies.”

Mitchel Rosnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor at MIT Media Lab



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