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K-BOX 50 HoC50 HoC

This is our Introductory Course which is equal to 50 Hours of interactive and online training. These materials are divided into dozens of "Activities" and each activity contains many steps and practices. 50 HoC is designed to prove a unique experience to 5 major domains in IT and today's technological world.

Code & Math30 HoC

Logic and Mathematics act like bones of your brain. Without them you will look funny! In this course, we will go through 50 famous practical questions focusing on Mathematics to improve your analytical thinking ability! These questions are selected from ACM, Google Summer Camp, and more.

Mobile Developer100 HoC

Nowadays, the quantity of smart phones are more than the human population. A lot of companies have found out that investing on mobile app development is one of the greatest assets of marketing! Being a Mobile App Developer will open a big world of possibilities and job oppurtunities for you! In this course, we will create more than 10 mobile apps to teach you how to change the world.

Electrogramming!80 HoC

Internet of things and embedded systems are two major aspects of the future! In this course, we will familiarize you with the basics of Electronics and C Programming Language! We will use Arduino and Raspberry Pi to build more than 10 cool real-life applications.

Game Coder70 HoC

Are you a gamer? Have you ever thought that it's time to stop being a game player and start being a game programmer? This course will teach you JavaScript, Python, GameSalad, Unity3D, and other environments to program and build your own awesome games.

Web Master100 HoC

We are living in the world of Internet. Billions of web pages are being visited every single day. Being a web developer and having the ability of creating online applications will make you a future wizard! This course will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Server Side Programming! It is really great and wonderful!

Hacker Killer!40 HoC

Computer Security is the main focus of Internet and Cloud computing. Learning how to detect a hacker is attacking! What does cryptography mean? How can we secure our information? All these things will be discussed in this course and you will learn everything how to be a white hacker :)

Geek Coder!100 HoC

Are you ready to change the world? Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to be called a GEEK? In this tough course, you will face very very difficult journey through Math, Biology, Physics, and more to challenge your computational thinking ability! We suggest this to highly unique students!

BioCode50 HoC

Biology, specifically BioInformatics, is close to Computer Science. In this course, you will be familiar with the basics of Genetics and by using Python, you will learn how to retrieve FAST data from resources like NCBI. You will also learn how to analyse and convert it into protein and more.

Did you know that for more than 5 years, computer programming
turned into a compulsory course at primary schools in many countries?

A New Literacy

“Coding is the new literacy. To think in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create, and express themselves with digital technologies.”

Mitchel Rosnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor at MIT Media Lab



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