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Cash flow is king Managing company cash flow is often overlooked when starting a business. Most young entrepreneurs prefer focusing on their products instead of getting tangled in numbers.

data communication simply put, financial accounting is the communication of data of a business, so that individuals can assess its financial health and future outlook. if there was only one word available to describe financial accounting, it would be "data". whether it is compiling financial data about an organization or structuring that data to improve communic

Get rid of clutter This module simplfies accounting workflow and introduces automation to your finances. Cover topics like income, ledger accounts, financial closing, taxes, debit & credit, liability, equity and assets.

business structure financial accounting provides the rules and structure for the conveyance of a businesses financial data. around the world, millions of people make critical judgments about the businesses they encounter every day. developing the ability to analyze financial information and then using it to formulate the correct response is critically important. this is why kids need to learn about it early on, as the age of businesses owners becomes lower and lower each year.

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Balance Sheets

A record of a company's assests, liabilities and owner's equity at any given point in time.

Income Statement

A statement of comprehensive income, revenue & expense, reports on a company's income, expenses, and profits over a period of time.

Equity Statement

A statement that focuses entirely on the equity or retained earnings of a company during the stated period.

Cash Flow Analysis

An analytical report on the real or virtual movement of money within a company.

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