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art of penetration One of the key success factors in entrepreneurship is effectively target and market your products to the right audience. This module covers marketing funnels, research, segmentation, strategy, utilizing tools like Google Adwords, data analytics, email blasts and more. We'll even bring into game key principles of consumer behavior and psychology to better understand potential customers.

Why you should learn? plenty of companies spend their time, efforts and money collecting data. but only few actually know how to convert that data into a profitable business. with the help of tactical strategies and execution models, this module will provide a fantastic analytical framework that's easy to grasp even for young kids. it will totally change your perception about analytics and give you actionable strategies for measuring social media and multimedia campaigns, along with data reconciliation, analytical techniques, core matrices, and a wealth of other information.

"Four Skills for Your Customers!"

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to maximize website traffic by ensuring that the site appears highest on the list of search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing

Know how to utilize paid advertisements on search engines to maximize outreach and target the correct audience. Google AdWords is a prime example.

Content Marketing

Learn the usage of relevant and engaging content to increase the traffic of a website and encourage sales or leads.

Social Media Marketing

Concepts of utilizing social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube & Instagram, to reach the desired audience and develop an online brand identity.

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