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Efficient oversight Project management is one of the most valuable skills you can have, and is constantly in demand no matter what industry you are in. As businesses become more mobile and fast-paced, project managers face a huge obstacle of keeping track of everything while maintaining good oversight and minimal delays.

caring about people offering praise and recognition while showing people you care about them are parts of being a good team leader. believing in a team that can develop skills and talents through hard work, leads to greater success than having a "fixed" mindset of believing that your teams competencies are what they are. the takeaway for young managers in the knowledge economy, is that encouraging people to learn and grow will pay off big.

Critical skills In this course, we'll teach you what it means to be a great project manager and have you working with agile management, scrum, task control diagrams and more.

managing expectations setting up clear expectations, is a skill that can be taught at a young age, so that people eventually develop into fantastic managers by the time they're in their 20's. armed with a greater understanding of your individual skills, you can work on becoming a better leader, a better people developer, and a stronger project manager to your organization.

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Agile Management

Focus on customer satisfaction with short development cycles to continuously improve on a product or service.


A framework for working as a unit to achieve a goal, challenging the traditional approach.

Resource Management

Efficient and productive development of an organisation's resources where they are needed including finances, inventory, people, and IT.

People Management

An area of HR development that deals with strategic, financial and policy issues, as well as behavioural psychology.

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