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"Everybody in this country planet should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think"- Steve Jobs -

Everyone should code The Foundation is for everybody! It provides essential digital skills for the 21st century, regardless of your future career. This stage takes 100 hours of training and contains four semesters, each of which are 25 hours. We call these semesters "Junior", "Senior", "Ninja" and "Geek" respectively.

Fundamental Skill Coding is a new literacy and children should ideally start to learn from elementary level. regardless of your future career, this is a must-have skill that will make you an effective knowledge worker in this digital era!

Tree of Learning! the course Consists of four modules: Code & Math, Electronics & Robotics, Mobile App Development, and Web Development. These modules are divided into activities, every activity divides into steps, every step divides into levels and finally, at every level we engage students with tons of interesting tasks.

Problem Solver The course is focused on logic, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithmic and analytical thinking, all of which provide the core framework for developing a student's capabilities. Think outside the box and become a problem solver!

"Four Modules of Principles!"

Code & Math

Learn coding and practical math instead of boring formulas to develop your analytical thinking abilities and build real apps using Python and JavaScript. more

Mobile Development

Go through the essentials of mobile app development including User Interface design, mobile components and object-oriented programming. more

Web Development

Build beautiful and functional websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and cloud databases in our comprehensive course in web development. more

Electronic & Robotics

Get hands-on with electronics components, C programming, Arduino and Raspberry Pi to make the world a more efficient place with your innovative inventions. more

Code & Math for Kids & Teens from 5 to 18

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