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"Teaching math without coding, looks like teaching chemistry without laboratory!"

A Laboratory for Math Ever wondered why we need to learn math? Does memorizing boring formulas sound familiar to you? by teaching math through discovery and application rather than rote memorization, we make math practical and fun for all ages and skill levels. Nothing is better than learning practical math by creating real apps and games. Like chemistry and biology, now mathematics has its own inexhaustible laboratory: computer programming! No more falling asleep in maths class! see the beauty of mathetmatics, ever-present in the world around us!

Code & Math is our must know course that introduces students to computational thinking. Using this two-in-one design, we provide a comprehensive education in core mathematical frameworks such as trigonometry, geometry, probability, algebra and calculus, and use computer programming (Python, Javascript, C++, and Java) as our tool to deliver these concepts. in this way, the students are able to see immediate manifestations of their work and discovering the concepts for themselves! we favour practicality and real comprehension over high-pressure exams and rote learning.

"Hello World, and beyond!"


Python is a high-level programming language that focuses on readability and efficiency to help programmers write code in fewer steps. It's also one of the most popular languages, which is why Google uses it extensively in many of their applications. more


JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a high level, multi-paradigm, dynamic programming language. It is one of the core languages used in the development of web based technologies and therefore essential in building interactive web applications. more

Computational Thinking

an idea popularized by jeanette m. wing, "computational thinking" is a methodical approach to problem-solving that invovles decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithmic design. in short, it is to operate as efficiently and effectively as a computer. more


Mathematics is the application of patterns. It allows human beings to be systematic in making life as we know it seem more orderly. Learning it builds critical brain support structure that enables us to reason, be creative, and even communicate. more

Learn Math with Coding (IGCSE & Python)

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