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"Everybody in this country planet should learn to program a computer create an app, because it teaches you how to think"- Steve Jobs -

Mobile Development is a course created specifically for kids and teens looking to create the next ground-breaking app. Uber, Instagram, Snapchat, AirBnB, Facebook, and WhatsApp are all great examples of how apps have changed the way we work, communicate and interact with one another on a global and local scale.

What will you do? In our mobile app development module, students will develop dozens of mobile apps and even learn to share them with their friends or make them available on the app store. More importantly, we build the basis of a long lasting impression on kids that phones are not just toys, but tools as well. Change your attitude towards these devices and use them as a laboratory to change the world.

What will you learn? You will be engaged with all kinds of topics relevant to creating a fantastic mobile app. Some of the topics include mobile UI components, text-to-speech, GPS sensors, accelerometer sensors, message alerts/notifications, incorporating media elements such as video, images and sound, user interface design and more.

Why should you learn? There are more smartphones on this earth than human beings! Being a creative mobile app developer opens up a giant world of possibilities and job opportunities for anyone in any field. either become an entrepreneur and create the next instagram or become a freelancer and help other companies fulfill their dreams. Ultimately, you will be able to build your ideas into real products that could change the lives of millions.

"Four Steps to create your own app!"

UI Design

bridge the gap between humans and technology. ui allows us to interact with 0's and 1's without having a deep level of understanding about the technology behind it all. first impressions are everything! more

Mobile Hardware

As a knowledge worker, it's essential to have an understanding of mobile hardware, which constitutes all the little components like accelerometers, gyroscopes and infrared detectors, that live in your pocket. more

MIT App Inventor

MIT professor Hal Abelson took the initiative to build a platform to make app development easy and accessible for people who were "non-programmers", especially kids, without compromising power. more

Mobile Programming

Mobile Programming involves developing applications and softwares for mobiles. The job of a mobile app developer is to create applications that can be used on tablets and smartphones that are both intuitive and engaging. more

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