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"Not Everybody in this country planet should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think"- Steve Jobs -

It's great, but not for everyone! This stage is just for the super determined students who want to pursue programming as a part of their future career. If your child doesn't want to, the Foundation stage is more than enough! in the end, your child will become a junior industrial developer, equipped to tackle many tasks and build fantastic computational solutions on any platform.

What will you learn? At this level, Students focus on Web Development, Mobile App Development, Game Programming, or Electronics & Robotics. By mentoring and providing the necessary concepts, students who are Self-learners and passionate can develop their own ideas. We challenge them to improve their inventions and turn them into real products.

"Four Degrees of advanced Coding"

Game Programming

addicted to playing games? why not Build your own? use Jvascript, Python and HTML5 to turn your ideas into hours of fun to show your friends, family and the world. more

Mobile Development II

Build the next life changing app! Jump right into Android and iOS development projects that you, yourself, will build from the ground up with Java, Javascript, and HTML. more

Web Development II

Learn to build seamless web applications. We'll familiarize you with the tools you need to become a full stack web developer such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. more

Electronic & Robotics II

Into embedded systems and the internet of things (IoT)? Learn everything here, @Kidocode about hardware programming in C, C++ and Arduino. more

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