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"Everybody in this country planet should learn to program a computer robot, because it teaches you how to think"- Steve Jobs -

the Future is in your pocket. Our future is dependent on a lot of embedded systems and electronic devices. Soon, your home refrigerator will be aware of its contents and replenish itself by ordering items directly through cloud connected services. In this specialization, you'll learn how to build smart devices ranging from smart home applications to drones using C, C++, digital circuits, sensors, Raspberry Pi, Arduino GSM modems and more.

What will you do? Use Arduino and Raspberry Pi to build many cool robotics and smart home applications. The course also gets you hands on with basics of electronic components like bread boards, buttons, buzzers, batteries, LEDs, capacitors, sensors, resistors, motors and more. If you've always wondered how different machines or robots perform tasks on their own and work together, then this is the course for you.

what will you learn? Electronics & Robotics is one of our most popular specializations, especially among the budding engineers of tomorrow. Students will create more than 10 projects utilizing Arduino and Raspberry Pi and gain experience in the concepts used in smart houses, event processing, real-time data streaming and use cameras to work with computer vision too!

Why should you learn? Electronics doesn't typically involve studying about theorems and mathematical calculations, and instead, takes learners on a journey of exploration, creativity and development with hands-on projects. These projects can be as simple as a series of blinking LEDs to more complex projects such as a remotely controlled robotic car, and you'll go through all of them, right here at KidoCode. if you are looking to pursue engineering as a career, this course is for you!

"Four Courses To Program a Robot"

Principle of electronics

the study of theorems, circuit behavior, problem-solving procedures of Electronic circuits and devices. There are a broad spectrum of topics that can be covered including atomic structure, energy, power, introductory circuit analysis techniques and much more. more

Digital Circuits

Digital Circuits or digital electronics are electronics that operate on digital signals. The basics of digital electronics involves learning about gates, semiconductors, microprocessors and much more. an essential part of this course! more

Robots & drones

The development of robots is possible through the amazing combination of electrical engineering and programming, and with a little touch of Artificial Intelligence we can get machines to do just about anything for us. build the future workforce! more

Smart Houses

Home automation or domotics is the technology behind creating smart homes and smart houses. It allows users to control the home environment, lighting, temperature and appliances. It involves electrical modification and programming. more

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