• I used the free parental account to communicate with my son

    Grace, a parent
  • Great place for young minds. Amazing, supportive teachers and office staff. If you are bringing your daughter for a class, be amazed by how much free stuff can she get, if she enrolls for a course.

    Abid Hussain, parent
  • My son told me that whatever he has learned in KidoCode, has made math very easy for him in class.

    Michael, parent
  • Met UncleCode and Maysam last Tuesday at KidoCode office. Truly inspired by what they had to share about how they wish to make every child a knowledge worker. How they wish each child to become the next Mark Zukerberg starting at an early age. For them it is not just a business but a moral obligation to change the society, making each child self enabled and educated. I am planning to send my kids as well in time to come, when they reach that age, and looking forward to being a part of their #team.

    Nauman Ibrahim, a person
  • One of the main thing is that sacrifice is needed but it should be worth it. We find KidoCode is worth sacrificing our time.

    Rebecca, parent
  • A great place to develop and nurture talents. My son from Vietnam studied there for 3 weeks during summer and he loves KidoCode so much that he keeps asking me to send him there to study. UncleCode is a great role model for him.

    Tran Viet Huong, a person
  • The day I decided to send my children to code, I sent because I consider it as an language. It's not something that should be left out, i's a way of communication.

    Gew, parent
  • Good environment and good education philosophy. Got my son enrolled, basically the parent get free class as well.

    Patrick Wong Fu Min, a person
  • We have sent our children to many classes before. But this is the one that they will ask, "Baba, mama, when can we go again to KidoCode?"

    Fendi, parent
  • Wow I got a 73 hour package and so far I love it...

    Sam Chen, KidoCode student
  • The keyword about why we choose KidoCode is because of self learning! Most schools are good, but they don't allowed my kids to put "idiot.forward", they will be labelled.

    Nina, parent
  • Great place for young mind to flourish and explore

    Isabelle Beh, a person
  • Normal learning centres feel like jail when you go there, but KidoCode is an entirely different environment.

    Premila, parent
  • We put our kid in music class because we didn't know his true passion. But at KidoCode, we discovered it's math which was very surprising for us, his marks in math were average before KidoCode.

    Kyoko, parent
  • Great avenue for kids to explore, 'unlearn' and learn. Well done UncleCode and team