Computer Programming and Math School
For Children Ages 6 to 18

Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

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Computer Programming
and Math School

For Children Ages 6 to 18

Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur


New Language for our Children

Every single child must learn how to program a computer


Whole World gearing towards Digital!

Computer Programming skill is no longer a privilege but a necessity that everyone must have! more


Computational Thinking

New and critical ability of mind coming from math & programming. more


It is Fun!

Learning math & programming flavoured with fun and adventure! more

Mitchel Rosnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor
“Coding is the new literacy. To think in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create, and express themselves with digital technologies.”
– Mitchel Resnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor
@ MIT Media Lab
Schools in UK, Estonia, USA, and other countries, has mandate Computer Science classes for all children from as young as 6 years old. Programming is scheduled to become part of the curriculum in Finland, Italy, Singapore, and more countries starting on 2016. As the world becomes more dependent on computers, many countries believe digital literacy and informatics are essential components of a modern education and failing to teach such skills will harm their country's economics. Now we are providing this learning facility at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Children computer programming is our new direction. Children, kids, teenagers and student must learn computer programming as a new language! Otherwise our children at age 20 in comoare with many other chidlren in world they will lose whole chances and opportunities! This is called techno extinction! We are providing computer programming courses mixed with IGCSE syllabuses that bring math in form of practical.
The ability to speak and structure one’s thinking in a way a computer understands it will be one of the core future skills. Learning how computer works and why coding is used will enable the child’s ability to spot mistakes and willingness to solve a problem. Developing basic computational thinking skills encourages a way of thinking that can help children in every area of life.
Our today children are tomorrow men and women are gmeant to build our future. In this way children computer programming must be the main important plan. They have to facilated with modern world thinking model to survive and then survive us! Our children and student must learn computer programming plus mathematic! Children Computer programming is the best way for our children, kids, teenagers and student to improve their mind.
It is the best time to introduce your child to coding, and there is a variety of ways to make it fun! Help your child to experiment with Hour of Code Challenge by attending a free session with us. As a parent, try it out! It is fun, easy, and teaches Python programming through drag and drop, unplugged exercises, and other coding-packed activities.
Many time we have problem to push our children, kids, teenagers and students into learning math and other subject! Actually pushing them into this way is wrong! The main important reason is teaching approaches do not have enough FUN to attract our children, kids, teenagers and students. Children computer programming is full of fun for these ages.

KidoCode Learning Path

Long term plan to make your child a developer before age 18!

Code & Math

  • Python Programming Language as most choosed Language is World Schools
  • Learning Computer Programming by following IGCSE syllabuses
  • More than 50 hours of training plus 500 PROGRAMMING questions from Math, Biology and ...
  • Incorporate Euclidean Geometry and Pythagorean Theorem
  • Learn Trigonometry, Probability, Number Theory, and many more!
  • Variables, Iteration, Decision Making, Functions, IO and more

Mobile App Development

  • MIT App Inventor
  • Create Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • GUI Components (Button, Text Box, etc.)
  • Media Components (Text To Speech, Sound Player, etc.)
  • Phone Sensors (Accelerometer, GPS, etc.)
  • Event and Event Handler

Electronics & Robotic

  • Raspberry Pi & Arduino
  • Basics of Electronics
  • LED, Resistors, Capacitor
  • Jumper Cables, Bread Board
  • Push Button, Pull Up/Down Resistors
  • Buzzer & Light Sensors
  • DC Motor

Unplugged Activity

  • Computer Hardware Anatomy
  • Image Processing and Pixels
  • Search and Sort Algorithms
  • Cryptography
  • Binary Number
  • Database
  • Information Theory

Game Development

  • Create tablet and mobile games using GameSalad
  • Scratch and Minecraft
  • Make Storyboards and use that to create games
  • Play with Infinity GameLab
  • Create a game and learn JavaScript
  • Play with Code Combat and learn Python

Web Development

  • Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Create your very first website!
  • Design and construct your webpage using HTML and CSS
  • Make your page online using Cloud services
  • Bring your social network to your homepage
  • Use Database to Store your Data
  • and more...

Online Interactive Learning System

Fully Automated system flavoured with trainer presense to monitor your child's activities!

Online system for less teacher education system

Less Teacher, Less Talk

Using AI to provide a combination of online education and teacher passion. more

Individual Learning Path

Individual Learning Path

Personalized learning path depending on student’s progress, and learning speed. more

Remote Access to Student PC

Remote Access to Student Computer

Monitoring your children's activity and recording their activities on screen! more

An online student portal designed for our children and students to learn computer programming with minimal supervision from trainers. By following our instructional videos, students will have to finish a set of tasks with the assistance from trainer and junior instructors. This student portal will also record the progress of the student wherein their own Learning Path will be based.
Each student has their own pace in learning the course. Some students are fast, some needs to put more focus on certain topics. In typical classroom set-up, all students learn one topic at the same time regardless of the student’s ability to understand the discussion. In KidoCode, we design and create their own learning path depending on the progress they are making.
We provide remote access to our student computer, we observe, record and follow up their progress. Whenever they have any question remotely regardless oflocation we will be able to answer their question and help them. Parents they can have access to video stream of their children activities on their phone or tablet as well.

Incredible Place to Learn

An incredible computer programming learning experience in a comfortable and cozy environment which is both relaxing and conducive for kids and teenagers' learning.

Our HQ was specifically designed to have an area enough to conduct Science Fairs and small symposiums, conferences, or presentations for children, teenagers, parents, friends, and relatives. Each and every student, parent, or guest will definitely feel like they are at the comforts of their home while at the same time, increasing their knowledge in Computer Science.

Flexi Scheduling

Say BYE to traditional class management!
Cook your own scheduling!
And we are watching your child learning path!


From 10am to 10pm

We are open from 10AM to 10PM! Choose anytime in between, walk in, and consume your 50 Hours of Code.


Your own Date & Time

Consume your 50 Hours of Code in your own scheduling and timing.


Finish in 3 Months

Finish your 50 Hours of Code as fast as 1 month or at a maximum of 3 months depending on your child's speed.

A New Luteracy

“Coding is the new literacy. To think in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create, and express themselves with digital technologies.”

Mitchel Rosnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor at MIT Media Lab

Activities for Home



Parents as a Teacher!

Parents must also learn computer programming to avoid cyber gap between different generations. more


Real-time Progress Report

Dynamic progress report to be sent to parents for better monitoring of kid/s performance. more


Access From Home

Continue learning coding at the comfort of your home. more

Children computer programming is not a plan that should only be for kids and teenagers. Actually, to be able to make a significant move in the society, parents must also be involved in this movement. Every course in KidoCode contains homeworks that must be done at home under the parent's supervision. We teach the kids general concepts in IT and parents will find new vocabulary between themselves and their children.
We have developed a system that will provide real-time progress report to parents of their child’s performance in every class. Included in this report are the activities and tasks they have finished, student’s milestones, trainer’s insights, and other significant information that parent’s should know. This report will be sent via email and SMS.
Our student portal is not only available in our HQ but also in your own home! Get online access to review, do online activities, and many more at the comfort of your home. Assigned trainers will also be online should student have any assistance or questions they need answer to. In this way our children computer programming plan will be available anywhere any time.
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A New Literacy

“Coding is the new literacy. To think in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create, and express themselves with digital technologies.”

Mitchel Resnick, Media Arts and Sciences Professor at MIT Media Lab



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