mobile hardware

It's vital for programmers to be familiar with the functions of mobile hardware to build great interactive apps. A good understanding of mobile hardware components includes things such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and various sensors for ultrasound, light and infrared detection. Even people who aren't programmers should have a understanding of the basic hardware component capabilities.

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Computational Thinking

According to renowned computer scientist, Jeannette M. Wing, computational thinking skill is the most in-demand skill in the age of information. Computational thinking allows us to problem-solve and think like a computer scientist. more

Programming at Early Ages

Educators agree that the best age to learn a skill like math or language is ages 5 - 11 years old. Similarly, children need to start learning coding at an early age to build a deeper foundation for their future. more

MIT App Inventor

MIT professor Hal Abelson took the initiative to build a platform to to make app development easy and accessible for people who were non-programmers, even kids. more


Python is one of the most popular programming language in the world right now which has helped create platforms like Facebook and Youtube! And surprisingly it is so simple that kids aged 5 years old can understand it. more

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For instance, accelerometers in mobile phones are used to detect position and motion. When we tilt our phones to watch a video in landscape view, it is the accelerometer thats responsible for detecting that motion. It then communicates this motion or position change through electrical signals, that are then read by the software.The software then responds to the received signal and makes the relevant or visible on-screen changes depending on the programmed instruction. A gyroscope on the other hand, adds an additional dimension to user interaction by providing information about rotation and twist, which is utilized in many games. Components like ultrasonic or infrared sensors and LEDs are also commonly utilized to make apps that can respond and communicate with our environment.