social revolution

The human race has yet again reached another threshold of a massive societal change in the 21st Century. Two of the major social revolutions marking the history of the human race were the industrial and agricultural revolution. And now the revolution of information is changing the course of humanity. These great innovations are to be found in the system of societal technology.

Throughout the history of mankind, profound expansion of ideas and innovations have drastically changed the lives of human beings. The discovery of cultivation lead to the agricultural revolution and wanderers became settlers and grew communities. Then the innovation of the machine instigated the Industrial Revolution which helped create cities, and metropolitans, changing the way of life completely. At the brink of the new century, society was changed once more because of Computer Technology. A new revolution has forever changed humanity.

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Knowledge Economy

The revolution began with the invention of world wide web and it is steadily taking over the economy. Thus, Our economy has completely transitioned from Industrial Economy to Knowledge Economy. more

Personalised Learning System

Our Personalised Learning System is revolutionising the education system, we have created a system that adapts according to learner preferences, pace and interests. more

Education System

The current education system is not in line with the demands of the current economy. In the age of Information it is reductive to use the model of education which is already outdated.

Freelance Economy

In the near future, nearly all sorts of jobs will be extinct and the concept of a linear career will disappear. Large companies today are giving most of their jobs to freelancers who work on their own terms rather than hiring long-term employees. more

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Information Revolution has spread like wildfire and is evolving faster than ever. Two hundred years ago, the countries with the most colonial possessions were the most powerful, today however, real power lies with the countries that have the most control over information.

But arguably the biggest impact technological revolution has had is on the Education system. Knowledge that was once limited to the boundaries of a school is now available to everyone with an internet connection for absolutely free. Knowledge from all over the world flows freely and there's too much to learn and know.

Rapid development in technology is now calling for a major change in the way we educate. There's a need for massive continuing education, people need to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge to keep up with the changing technology. Technology allows for mass access to such knowledge now.

Undeniably Information revolution is far outreaching than the entire history of humanity. Developments in Agricultural and Industrial revolution took place over 100's of years. While it has only taken IT 2 decades to transform drastically. It's constant changing nature is also changing the economy just as rapidly.