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The field of user interface design (UI) is concerned with the creation of visually appealing and useful digital interfaces. People in this field require a good understanding of technology, user behaviour, and design to create interfaces for users to enjoy and interact with all types of applications. Traditionally, the goal of UI design has been to create beautiful visuals, but in more recent times, the field has converged towards the ultimate goal of improving user experiences as a whole. Hence, we see the tremendous growth in the field of user experience design, that has grown increasingly important in the highly competitive digital space.

Almost all aspects of software are intangible, with the exception of user interfaces, that act as the only interaction gateway between most people and software applications. This makes UI design more and more critical as software applications become more and more complex, and require better interfaces with great usability. Usability for digital interfaces mean that an application needs to be both appealing to look at, and easy to navigate. .

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The importance of great UI design cannot be understated. Take for instance, the iPhone, a smartphone that we've all come to adore so much in recent years. Without good UI, an iPhone wouldn't seem half as appealing as it currently is. We probably wouldn't use iPhone's as much as we do, and they probably wouldn't have sold as much as they have. As one of the world's most coveted and sought after mobile devices to date, its main selling point has always been great UI. And it still remains as a proven example of how great UI can compete with other phones that have seemingly better specs and faster processors.

In short, no matter how functional a piece of software is, it's highly unlikely that people will want to use all those amazing functions, in the absence of an accessible and user friendly interface.