A Multimedia and Information Technology Group!

KidoCode’s mission is to produce more knowledge worker for future by providing online adaptive education systems and build educational apps and gadgets for kids and teens from ages 4.

Our company achieved a number of milestones within its relatively young existence. Since KidoCode was founded in 2014, more than 3,500 kids and teens from ages 5 to 25 learned coding and development.

When Unclecode Met Maysam

Founders, Unclecode (Hossein) and Maysam, met at University of Malaya in 2000. By 2002, they started to build a research management software for academic research and scientific publication called AcaPaper and that was just the simple beginning. That idea now has turned into a successful movement to provide an online adaptive learning system for math and computer science.


He is one of the graduated students from National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET). He then joined to University of Tehran (the mother university in Iran) to get his degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He worked with many software companies as a developer, team leader, as well as working as a lecturer in different educational institutes and universities. He was a Microsoft trainer and worked with some remote projects with Google. He is a passionate self-learner and addicted to problem solving! His higher education area is on Natural Language Processing and his own interest is graph theory and social network analysis.


Maysam is a molecular biologist and bioinformatician who is aiming to combine the current trend of research in biology labs with programming and automation. Starting with the AcaPaper project together with Unclecode, they then started the conceptualization of KidoCode with the goal of educating kids and teens with computational thinking as well as equip them with computer programing skills which became one of the most important priorities in facing the future.

PyCademy Sdn. Bhd.

In 2013, Hossein and Maysam formed an R&D company focusing on big data, bioinformatics, and Python programming language. At that time, most of the universities in Malaysia were using Java, C++, and C# for their students, while a world of open source contents are shifting on languages such as Python and changes as big data! They begin to launch dozens of conferences and workshops all around Malaysia for bachelor students to university lecturers to deliver and promote Python programming language and Big Data technologies such as MongoDB to researchers, developers, biologists, and many more. Within 3 years, more than 2,500 participants joined in PyCademy workshops all around Malaysia.

Train the Trainer and MDEC Partnership

Being the pioneer of advanced Python programming in Malaysia, PyCademy and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) started providing educational contents for Malaysia lecturers under the Train The Trainer (TTT) program since 2013. That was the kickstart for PyCademy! We started to provide 2 to 3 workshops every month over different universities all around Malaysia such as UPM, UM, UITM, UNI KL (Johor Bahru), UNIMAS (Sarawak) and USM as well as at MDEC department for topics such as Big Data, Python, Data Analysis, and Cloud Computing. We have trained more than 500 lecturers so far.

Software Development

Alongside with PyCademy, we started to step into development area using the network we have gained. We started with a project with one of DiGi's divisions and became the provider of an online system for their customer network. After that other projects like embedded systems and smart houses, different application in FinTech, developing websites, and text mining based applications in partnership with different companies has been made. Currently, we act as an R&D department for many entrepreneurs and start-up companies to give technical education, support, and insurance for product delivery.


On December 2014, the same time that Code.org started their journey on Computer Science Education Week, our founders found the niche of their journey and that is now what we know as KidoCode! After many years of education experience with university students and adults, it was the time to focus on the main part which are the kids and teens. Knowledge economy provides facilities and now we have successful companies like Google who has employees with average age around 26. This means a knowledge worker can start to provide services for the society and the world as young as age 16! In 2016, China and US produced $24 billion revenue from game development and majority of these companies are formed by people from ages 16 to 29.

In 2014, our founders made a research on what is happening in countries like Estonia, UK, Canada, and USA and they found out that many movements to make computer science and computational thinking as a form of a compulsory course from age 7 have been implemented while nothing significant is happening in Asia. It was then they felt the warnings of something which we will later call the Cyber Extinction! To avoid it, they started to form the KidoCode community to train Asian kids and teens with mathematics mixed with programming. The second phase of the training will act as their accelerator and incubator to have dozens of young Asian entrepreneurs before 2020. It was a great start for KidoCode.


Our founders started to meet different people to ask for help and support in this meaningful journey. Finally, a group of respectful, passionate, and successful businessmen and women shook their hands with us and understood the necessity of this movement for the future of Asia. They joined and invested in KidoCode and our journey started officially in March 2015 with zero students, a big hope, and ambitious plan!


After conducting a fundraising, we started to work with schools and provided training using the traditional way of face-to-face teaching as a field study and to challenge our new training approaches in math and computer science combined with training. We had more than 100 students at that time coming from different age groups to see the feedback and responses. We are very happy that the result is more than what we expected. Then it was the time to jump into our pre-online education system! A teacher-less smart system where trainers will coach students instead of teaching. A system that provides personalized, individual learning path for every students based on his/her skills and learning pace. Our system was designed, tested, and launched to work for over 150 students.

Kidocode Solaris HQ

The beginning happened in a simple coffee shop in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur, and then we moved to an apartment. We then acquired an 800 sqf office in Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, after which we had a bigger one in Bangsar. We had another office in Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), and finally in 2015, we moved to our current location in Soho KL, Mont Kiara Solaris. It became our first home while we knew that this will not be the final home. :) We then started our B2C. A great journey with thousands of adventures!

We have few goals in 2016: First, building a successful business which we achieved in less than a year by having a good positive net income. Second, to get more than 500 students which we achieved just before finishing 2016!

500 Students

We simply did it! We finished 2017 by crossing 1700 students from ages 5 to 18 who knew how to code in Python, more than 1,000 parents in our network, and we received more fundraising (1M MYR) for expanding the company making the company value more than 8M MYR! Viola! We did it! Not only in economic capital but we have been able to form a great and invaluable capital in the form of social capital!

ICT Academy

In 2016, we launched the pilot stage of our other main division called ICT Academy! ICT Academy is a full-time, morning to afternoon, program to train kids as young as 10 years old to become either serious programmers, entrepreneurs, or online trainers for science and coding (e.g. YouTubers). The focus of ICT Academy is to teach computer science from very young age while learning other topics in science (biology and chemistry) and mathematics to a satisfactory level. In ICT Academy, all branches of science are also taught combined with computer science and programming. This project is in the testing phase and will be kicked off by 2017.

Online Phase and Kidocode TV Channel

By 2017, we are going to launch our online education system with dozens of gadgets, mobile applications, and video courses focusing on mathematics and computer science which will be available for the whole world! We will provide content materials more than what an average person would need to get a degree. In that phase we are hiring more talents in R&D, media, development, and trainers to come up with interesting contents relying in the outstanding power of KPortal to provide our adaptive learning system for the whole world. Our next ambitious plan is to become the top name in online education system for kids and teens in next 2 years in a global scale. We are also planning to become a global accelerator and incubator for all kids and teens in the world who are aiming to make a change for the future!

Our R&D Group

We are forming a group of super geek and talented people in science and technology from our current students and engineers to form our R&D group who will develop amazing apps and software's in different areas such as FinTech, Medicine, Technology, and AI. They will focus in providing solutions for complex computational problems to produce better algorithms in computer science.

Kidocode facts

  • PyCademy
  • MDEC Partnership
  • Founded KidoCode
  • Founders
    Unclecode (Hossein) and Maysam
  • Incorporation
    December 8, 2014
  • Headquarters
    50480 Kuala Lumpur